Alban Sauret  CNRS Research Scientist

Alban Sauret


SVI, CNRS/Saint-Gobain
39 quai Lucien Lefranc
93300 Aubervilliers, France



  • October 2016: Manon Robbe-Saule is starting her PhD Thesis on the study of granular collapse into water in FAST laboratory with C. Morize & P. Gondret.

  • October 2016: Quentin Magdelaine will start his PhD thesis on the Dynamics of heterogeneous liquid films in SVI laboratory with A. Antkowiak.

  • August 2016: the ANR JCJC (Young Researcher) proposal "ProLiFic" has been accepted for funding for the next 3 years! We will study in detail various situations that involve particles under thin liquid films confinement. Funding for a post-doctoral position will be available. More to come soon.

  • June-August 2016: I am spending the summer in the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Program in Woods Hole (USA) where we are working with M. Gomez (Oxford Univ.) and E. Dressaire (NYU) on the capillary sorting of particles.

  • June 2016: I received the "William Mong Visiting Research Fellowship in Engineering" to visit the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hong Kong in December 2016-January 2017. It will allow to strengthen the collaboration with H. C. Shum.

  • June 2016: The study of the reorganization of a granular medium around a localized transformation with Aymeric Merceron and Pierre Jop has been published in Physical Review E

  • April 2016: Anthony Troger, MSc. student from ENS Lyon, is starting an internship at SVI on the spreading dynamic of a self-suspended particle-laden liquid film.

  • March 2016: Slidewave2 has been funded by the CNRS and will allow to continue working in FAST laboratory on the experimental study of tsunami generated by suaberial landslide.

  • March 2016: Veronica Gavrilov is starting a postdoc in our group, in collaboration with the SIMM (ESPCI) to develop slippery liquid-infused surfaces for anti-icing applications in polar environment.

  • February 2016: Manon Robbe-Saule is starting a M.Sc. internship on the experimental study of impulse wave generated by granular collapse in FAST laboratory with C. Morize, P. Gondret & Y. Bertho.

  • February 2016: M├ęgane Muschi, MSc. Student from Chimie Paris, will be doing her internship at SVI/SGR on drop impact on liquid infused structured surfaces during the next 6 months.

  • January 2016: Our international collaborative project (PICS, CNRS) with H. A. Stone and E. Dressaire to study the influence of thin film flows on particle transport is funded. It will allow regular visit between Princeton, NYU and SVI in the coming 3 years.

  • November 2015: Internship proposal: various projects are available (some of them can be followed by a PhD thesis): Other projects related to fluid dynamics and granular media are available. Please feel free to contact me.

  • November 2015: Our work on the resuspension of a granular bed by an oscillating beam presented at the APS DFD in Boston has been highlighted in the press:
  • Science Daily: A flounder's disappearing act explained
  • FYFD: Flounders, stingrays, and other flat, bottom-dwelling fish
  • APS/DFD Online Press Conference: Surfing, Sneezing, Flounders and Fur -- New Discoveries in Fluid Dynamics

  • November 2015: Posters: three posters of our recent works were presented at the Gallery of Fluid Motion at the APS DFD in Boston:

  • November 2015: Workshop "Generation of tsunamis by landslides": we are organizing a workshop with Philippe Gondret (FAST) and Anthony Hildenbrand (GEOPS) in FAST laboratory on November 10th 2015 ( program )

  • October 2015: Drop impact on a flexible fiber: our study on the impact and capture of a drop by a flexible fiber has been published in Soft Matter. In addition, a video featuring this work could be seen on youtube.

  • October 2015: G. Saingier is starting his PhD thesis at SVI laboratory where he will study the transition from dry to wet granular media in various situations.

  • July 2015: Wetting in fibrous media: our paper "Wetting morphologies on randomly oriented fibers" has been published in EPJE and highlighted by the press: The June issue of EPJE also featured our work for the cover.
    See also the Scientific News by the CNRS-INP: Drop or column? What shape takes water in humid fibers?

  • July 2015: The project Slidewave devoted to the modeling of tsunami generated by subaerial landslide with P. Gondret, C. Morize, Y. Bertho (FAST) and A. Hildenbrant (GEOPS) has been funded by the CNRS.

  • April 2015: Damping of Sloshing by liquid foam: our work on the damping of sloshing by foam has been published in Physics of Fluids and covered by various media:
  • November 2014: Posters: two posters of our recent works were presented at the Gallery of Fluid Motion at the last APS DFD in San Francisco: