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Mohsin Hamza

PhD Student at Saint-Gobain Research (SGR)

Laboratory Surface du Verre et Interfaces - SVI
UMR125 CNRS — Saint-Gobain

39 quai Lucien Lefranc
93303 Aubervilliers Cedex


Research Interests

  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Thin Films
  • Surface Engineering
  • Material Characterization

Current Research

  • "Structural and optical characterization of alkaline silicate thin films prepared by liquid route"

    PhD Supervisors:
    - Thierry Gacoin (LPMC, École Polytechnique)
    - Emmanuelle Gouillart (SVI, Saint-Gobain Research)
    - Ekaterina Burov (SVI, Saint-Gobain Research)
    - Lucie Devys (Thin films department, Saint-Gobain Research)

Previous Research

  • "Investigation of a low-waste process to texture crystalline silicon wafers for photovoltaics"
    M2 Research Internship in LPICM, École Polytechnique, France
    (Duration: 6 months)
  • "Controlling the organization of catalyst for the growth of silicon nanowires for radial junction thin film solar cells"
    M1 Research Internship in LPMC, École Polytechnique, France
    (Duration: 4 months)
  • "Development and characterization of cobalt-based nanostructured superhydrophobic coating"
    Final Year Project in FMSE, GIK Institute, Pakistan
    (Duration: 1 year)

Professional Experience

Educational Background


  • H. Mohsin, W. Chen, D. Danieka, P. Roca i Cabarrocas and E. V. Johnson, "Investigation of a low waste process of texturing crystalline silicon wafers by selective etching of hydrogenated amorphous silicon cones using hydrogen plasma"
    (submission after filing of patent between IPVF and LPICM)
  • L. Dai, I. Maurin, M. Foldyna, J. Alvarez, W. Wang, H. Mohsin, W. Chen, J. Kleider, J. Maurice, T. Gacoin and P. R. I Cabarrocas, "Tin dioxide nanoparticles as catalyst precursors for plasma-assisted vapor-liquid-solid growth of silicon nanowires with well-controlled density", Nanotechnology, 29(43), 2018, 435301 (link)
  • H. Mohsin, U. Sultan, Y. F. Joya, S. Ahmed, M. S. Awan and S. N. Arshad, "Development and characterization of cobalt based nanostructured superhydrophobic coating", IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 146, 2016 (link)