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Robert Clément

PhD student at Saint-Gobain Research Paris (SGR Paris)

Laboratory Surface du Verre et Interfaces
UMR125 CNRS — Saint-Gobain

39 quai Lucien Lefranc
93303 Aubervilliers Cedex
+33 (0)1 48 39 xx xx

Research interests

- Soft Matter
- Surfactant and surface tension
- Wetting & contact angles
- Marangoni flows
- Hydrodynamic instabilities

Current research

"Stability of aqueous films of surfactant during drying on solid substrate"

Keywords: liquid film, interfaces, surfactant, wetting, Marangoni flow, destabilisation

PhD Supervisors:
- Frédéric Mondiot (SVI);
- Cécile Monteux (SIMM);
- Arnaud Antkowiak (Institut d’Alembert)

Previous research

- "Multiphase equilibrium in colloidal liquid crystals with silica nanorods"
Internship in the Oxford Colloid Group laboratory (UK, 4 months)


- 2018-2019 : Engineer diploma at KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden. Master in Macromolecular Materials
- 2014-2018 : Engineer diploma at Ecole polytechnique, France.