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Surface mechanics

For all functionalized glass products, mechanical requirements are crucial for their viability: stiffness, durability, resistance. What is the impact of these surface modifications and thin coatings on the surface mechanics of glass? This can be assessed through specific experimental tools and adequate modelling, so that one may eventually limit the additional weakness or enhance the mechanical improvements resulting from the functionalising coatings.

Buckling driven delamination of thin films

Jean-Yvon Faou (PhD 2010-2013), Sergey Grachev, Etienne Barthel. Thin film mechanics becomes more and more important as the complexity of the multilayers increases. When low adhesion and large (...)

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Multilayer Adhesion

The chemical and mechanical stability of films and interfaces in a multilayer defines the reliability of the full stack. Optimization of the interface properties involves control of both (...)

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Mechanical stability of multilayer coatings

Etienne Barthel - Davy Dalmas - Xuan Geng (PhD 2005-2008) SEM image of scratch initiation FIB-TEM image of scratch groove sturcture Thin multilayer coatings are widely used to modify the (...)

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Pinning and structuration

Lina Alzate (PhD 2009-2012) - Etienne Barthel - Davy Dalmas Thin film multilayers deposited on glass are widely used for flat optical, photoelectric and electrochromic devices. In many (...)

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