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Wetting Properties

Dynamics of the liquid contact line on a superhydrophobic surface and its impact on the adhesion

J. Teisseire- E. Barthel The context A solid surface is considered superhydrophobic if the contact angle of a water drop sitting on the surface is larger than 150°. It is commonly identified by (...)

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Hysteresis measurements on Super-hydrophobic Surfaces with Periodic Textures

J. Teisseire - E. Barthel Surface textures are used to impart advanced wetting properties (such as superhydrophobicity) to surfaces. However understanding the surface response in relation to (...)

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Intermittent flows in polymer tubing: thin liquid film dynamic and dewetting

Pascaline Hayoun, Jérémie Teisseire, Alban Letailleur, Etienne Barthel, Emilie Verneuil, François Lequeux (collaboration with SIMM lab at ESPCI) Intermittent flows are widely observed in the nature (...)

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